Projects can be customized to fit a particular need such as for the planning of HVAC, electrical, voice/data and security systems, fire protection system design, furniture layouts, exit routes, etc.

Typically, Ruff Draft Drafting Services is hired to survey & measure a home or building. We then create CAD drawings which are turned over to you either in electronic form, hardcopies or both. At this point the drawings are yours to keep or distribute as needed. 

Ruff Draft Drafting Services will perform the necessary tasks required in order to create a floor plan. During the process we will also take notes on site conditions that would impact the system being installed. Detailed notes are placed in the file to be referenced by the designing company. 

The completed files are yours to keep. Future projects or revisions can be made to the original drawing by anyone using AutoCad.

Typical Uses:

Have affordable floor plans created of your home prior to hiring an architect or general contractor. Use them for initial planning or for bidding and estimate purposes with various contractors. A common use is for the initial planning of a finished basement or accessory apartment. We can assist in basic design before an architect or general contractor is employed. 

Planning and documenting furniture layouts, electrical systems, data, phone, HVAC, security & card access systems, fire exit routes, directories, department maps, etc.

Some unique uses included creating a floor plan which was imported into the building's card access system and fire alarm software in order to graphically display system status and events on a scaled image of the building. 

The latest trend is to have floor plans created for use by real estate professionals. The floor plans can be showcased on your website (imported) or be made into 8-1/2 x 11 hardcopies and 
used as hand-outs in your collateral folder.


Autodesk Certified