All drawings are created "To-Scale" using a laser-operated measuring device.

Standard Floor Plan Package  - For Home or Business

  • Floor plan including all accessible spaces  
  • General room titles
  • Additional options include dimensions or square-foot figures of each room
  • Symbols and legends created to suite any need
  • Completely customizable
  • Can be used for planning and documenting furniture layouts, electrical systems, data, phone, HVAC, security & card access systems, fire exit routes, real estate handouts, directories, department maps, etc.

                              Popular Package 1:  Mechanical System Prep Package

  • Attic & crawlspace plans, if applicable & accessible
  • Sprinkler system information, if any (riser location, size & valve types)
  • Automatic extinguishing systems, if any (type & location)
  • Basic interior elevations
  • General room titles
  • Site key with cross street and North indication
  • Site-specific notes to engineer included in plans

Floor Plan pricing is based on factors including building type, complexity and accessibility. 

                                   Popular Package 2:  Real Estate Sales Package

  • Basic set of floor plans which showcases a home listed for sale
  • Can be used as a handout during open-houses or walk-throughs
  • Floor plans can be inserted into your website as additional listing information - a unique and value-added bonus of your website.
  • No-Charge options include dimensions or square-footage notations.


  • Create Cad drawings from customer-supplied hardcopies.
  • Create Cad drawings from PDF, TIFF, JPEG or BMP files.

Conversion pricing based on the number of pages, drawing scale and the amount of detail.

   A Few Notes....

Plans are intended for specific applications requiring varying degrees of accuracy. The plans should not be used for structural design or other unintended purposes. Weight-distributing or load-bearing information is not supplied. Ruff Draft Drafting Services is not a Professional Engineer or licensed Architectural firm. It is a lower cost alternative to obtaining professional floor plans when the services of an architect are not needed or desired yet. 

Since typical construction is not extremely precise, measurements will be rounded to the nearest agreed-upon value (usually to the inch) and may have a small plus or minus factor. Rounding will depend upon the specific needs of the project. The most accurate measurements are achieved using laser-operated measuring tools but are sometimes governed by physical limitations and environment.  In some instances, insufficient access may prevent some areas from being seen and/or measured and will then be estimated as close as possible.

 How it works
A thorough walk-through is conducted of the site. Literally every accessible area of the building and all rooms including closets and bathrooms are measured and hand-sketched. Appropriate notes are taken as well. While somewhat labor-intensive, the job is expedited by the use of a laser measuring tool rather than a standard tape measure. The information is then taken back with us and used to create a CAD drawing. The CAD file is then furnished to you in a choice of formats for use as needed.
Pricing Structure
Pricing is based largely on complexity. I do not charge by building size or square footage because a building may, for example, consist of a very large warehouse which is relatively simplistic. Yet smaller buildings may be made up entirely of offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, etc. and be much more time consuming to survey and draw. The more detail there is, the more time it takes. Formal price quotes can be provided after a walk-through of the site. Pricing is very competitive since my overhead is relatively low.